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Brackets, Rafter
Tails, Trellises

Building overhanging structures like trellises and other hardscapes take both a talented craftsman’s eye and knowledge about building structures to create. Brackets, rafter tails, and trellis pieces all have to work together to be both naturally beautiful and sturdy for the long haul. At Southern Lumber and Millwork, we know that the entire structure is only as strong as its weakest link, so we ensure that our brackets, trellis pieces, and rafters are up to the challenge.

Beautiful Brackets

With our equipment, Southern Lumber can create any sort of bracket design you desire. Small and simple to big and bold, our craftsman are up for any challenge.

Rafter Tails

Building materials need to be able to stand up to harsh conditions, but you also want them to be a part of the overall design, with some artistic appeal and uniqueness. Everything that we make in-house is created with durability and style in mind. From the brackets we use to the finishing touches on our trellis designs, our milled lumber provides an upgraded feel and elegance that you can’t get with standard stock lumber and building materials.

Custom Trellis

Custom Trusses

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